четверг, 18 октября 2012 г.

gilded youth

This style is suitable for any glamor girl. Party? Glamorous event? Fashion show? This image is for you! Stylish leopard coat in the promptness with light cotton dresses and glamorous spike hoes. Bright make-up that would be seen by all!
On models wearing:
shape - @Bu0JIeTTa@ Katarjina shape  NEW
Hair - /Wasabi Pills/ Nikki Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack NEW
Make-up - ::Modish::Lepota -Set A- lipsticks
jacket - [KAMOURASKA] Bonaventure Cardigan Panthere NEW
dress - Volstead ~ Liaison ~ Honey NEW
shoes - {{*I <3FashiOn*} Black Spike Boots
beads - -MG - Necklace - Pearls - Colour Mixing Necklaces - FATPACK

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